Mediterrana - Exotic Sounds From Athens

by Labros Tsamis Archives

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If love comes shining over the mountains of Northern Europe, then at the southern east end, emotion overflows transforming the electronic sound dreams.

Here, the soundscapes flow smoothly like a gentle sea breeze which relaxes and cleans the tired digital brains. There is no boredom deep or mysterious coming from an existential level, but a natural laziness like laying under the sun or being awake during clear starry nights. No need to create noise, this is native spice of the ambient that occupies this vivid place at the end of Europe. A space that, even though limited in terms of physical measures, is characterized from unlimited absorption of new sound-data from any source. Here, you will not find the vertical exhaustion of the Western expression, but a horizontal sound development that is inspired from the variety of different cultures and genres of music.

Electronic music from Athens is the creative result of a panspermia of sounds.

Greece: the crossroad among Western Europe, the Balcans, Asia, and Africa. A unique melting pot of Mediterranean electronic music, which meddles traditions, experimental music, improvisation, ambient and digital references. The expression of a new generation of underground artists who love electronic music and approach it with emotion and minimum means. This is emosonica from 37N58 and 23E43.

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Panayotis Hajaras


released May 9, 2016

1 composed & produced by Yannis Pissas 2000
2 composed & produced by OMC 2000
3 composed & produced by Coti K - Dimitris Haritos 1989
4 composed & produced by Demman 2001
5 composed & produced by Spyros Fatouros 1997
6 composed & performed by Andreas Vais, produced by DJ Stefan 2001
7 composed & produced by Labros Tsamis - Panayotis Kyritsis 1991
8 composed & produced by Labros Tsamis 1990
9 composed & produced by Coti - DJ LoFi 1997

Selected and compiled by DJ LoFi
Thanks to Panayotis Hajaras, Paranormale, Pavlos Avouris and all the people that made this tape possible.

Labros Tsamis Archives 01
May 2016



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